Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interbike photos?

No one's posted anything yet except for Dig. Step it up, slackers.

P.S. The Metal tandem at the Odyssey booth is outstanding. Jimmy LeVan and Sean Burns should do a record-setting kicked-out toothpick on it.

P.P.S. Re: The Ian Schwartz Sunday frame. Predictable "seatpost" setup. Surprised it took this long for someone to actually do it.

Animal Jam 2007

I didn't go for very long this year. Got there late, left early (after the second fight of the day jumped off, so to speak). As it turned out, I missed the good (Andrew "Street Sweeper" Mick demolishing the rail) along with the bad (long-time local Mel getting hit by a moron on a Harley who decided the Banks would be a good place for burnouts—pun intended). Last year I took something like 300 photos, this year it was more like a dozen. Which was a shame, seeing that Animal went through the trouble of building ramps (two three-sided wedges, one with a sub, and a wedge spine with a grind box going up and down) that the city has probably scrapped by now. Oh well.

Ended up rolling out with Joey Piazza (who was the subject of roughly 10 of the 12 photos I actually DID take at the Banks), Rob Dolecki, Wormz and one of the Corts brothers to some empty downtown spots (one of the happy side effects of the jam). Wormz, Corts and Dolecki split off from us to shoot some stuff for FBM, and Joey and I met up with a couple of his friends from Albany to ride a little more. Well, for THEM to ride a little more. Joey filmed, and I gave the Nikon a little more of a workout.

Feeble to hop-up camera-splash manual. Leonard Street.

Not-quite-flat rail up.

Not-quite-flat rail down.
Right now it seems like everybody's in Vegas at Interbike BUT me. Next year.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Page Sixsixsix

WHAT TWO NYC STREET SHREDDERS who have been the subject of multiple photos on this site are now on flow with legit bike companies? About damn time, too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beautiful Godzillas

Yeah, I know. No new posts in a while. Save it. Anyway, inspired by this article, I took the photo below while sitting on the steps of the park off Christie and Houston.

I was made aware of said article by this blog, which is probably the greatest cycling-related blog in existence. Mainly since he, you know, updates it.