Thursday, May 08, 2008

BET Cats

Hola, hovitos. Been a minute, huh? Again.

Not that I'm one to make excuses (even though I am), I've just been slacking with the camera and spending more time on the new blog. But hopefully you'll see more posts on here as it continues to warm up outside. Pretty sure I even saw the sun this week. Gangsta.

Anyways, much going on. Edwin, Tyrone AND Nigel all have new shops opening (or open) in BK, Manhattan and Queens respectively. Power moves. I've got shots of Rone's shop—Dah Shop—that I need to sort through and post one of these days. It's down on Division Street, right near the Manhattan Bridge. You know they come correct with all the latest Animal stuff, as well as all sorts of singlespeed gear. They built up what I'm pretty sure was the first FBM Sword to hit NYC. And they already got mentioned on BikesnobNYC, so it's official. Here's the flyer:

I went down there the other day to see what was going on, and to drop off a copy of "Dead Bang," which Rone hadn't seen yet (and you should absolutely own by now). As it turned out, he was supposed to head down to the Banks to meet up with Edwin and Nigel in order to shoot something for BET. Seeing that it was a gorgeous day and I was actually carrying my camera, I figured I'd tag along. Also, Edwin's bike was unavailable, and since I ride pretty much the same setup he does, my bike would be a pretty good backup in case he needed it.

So we get there, and the crew is already in place. Nigel threw a few barspins (shocking, I know):

And then he posted up in different places and answered questions as we all rode around behind him. If this does ever air, look out for me—I'll be the white guy.

P.S. This spot is right around the corner from Dah Shop. Nothing I love more than old grimy-ass storefronts that haven't changed since LaGuardia was the mayor, not an airport.