Sunday, November 05, 2006

Austin x NYC

These shots are from October 10th, 2006. Joel Moody and Aaron Ross were in town filming for the upcoming Empire BMX video (if you haven't picked up the last one, you're seriously missing out). I missed many other sessions, but joined them downtown on this night, along with Mike Osso, Vinnie Sammon, Bob Scerbo, Charles Hearn and Tyrone Williams (among others). Joel spent a lot of time behind the camera, but still got some lines in.

Joel Moody, icepick.

Aaron Ross, smith.

Aaron Ross, feeble to manual to 180 out.

Aaron Ross, flat tire.

Joel Moody, nosewheelie (the flash was a mistake, as it turned out).

Incidentally, Aaron's bike is really, really, REALLY bright.

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