Wednesday, November 08, 2006


If Chris Brescia ("Grease," from here on out) didn't have a full-time girl and a part-time dog, he'd probably find a way to actually live at the Banks. OK, and if he wasn't a full-time student and worker as well. Actually, it's hard to believe that he finds time to ride at all, let alone be good at it. He's a bit of an anachronism among New York riders—for starters, he has those two weird clamps on either end of his bike connected by cables to levers of some sort that make his wheels slow down and stop, and—it's probably related—he knows how to use a spoke wrench to make his wheels more round and straight than is usually required. His idea of "dialed" is actually DIALED, not the usual "hey, it rolls when you pedal it."

He won't stop watching the Front Brake Revolution DVD (and if you sit on his couch for more than two minutes, you're gonna end up watching it, too), and considers Rob Ridge and Rick Moliterno to be somewhere up there with DaVinci and Mozart. And, since his time is indeed precious, if you're out there to do something other than ride, he's not interested. Respect that.

Double footplant whip. He pulled it. Now, if he'd only pull a REGULAR whip.

Something resembling a double-peg stall that's more like—whatever. He pulled that, too.

Both shots above from a balmy November 1st, 2006.


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just read your blog, nice work dude, great fotos!

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i love grease