Friday, November 10, 2006

Tyrone Williams

I ain't gonna lie—when you meet Rone for the first time, you might think he doesn't like you. And you might even be right. But you might also be wrong, and if that's the case, you're good. Because there aren't many realer dudes in the greater NYC area.

Besides working a full shift at Metro Bikes on Canal, Rone finds time to produce like crazy. Animal, Prototype NYC, Redline, [fill in shoe sponsor here]—if Rone's riding for someone, he commits 100 percent (on either side of the camera, even). Notice how many ads he's been in lately? Also note the color coordination he's got going on with the signature Piff bars. Always thinkin'. And it's always been like that, even when he was riding a free STA, or getting flow from Fly.

So if you see him rolling, say what's up (whether he's on the NY-monogrammed pegged bike or the raw and orange pegless freecoaster Phantom). It can't hurt. Much.

Up the bank, to alley-oop rollback to halfcab bar back in.
Wallride to tiregrab out.
All previous photos from the Brooklyn Banks, 10/21/06.

Other side of the lens. 10/10/06.

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