Monday, November 06, 2006


Since the last post was all photo, this one is going to be all words. If that's OK.

There's something about riding BMX bikes that I'll never understand. At least once a week, without fail, I ride past a big group (could be kids, could be slightly older folk) and someone yells "do a trick!" Sometimes, if they've seen a little X-Games, they even specify. "Do a tailwhip!" Or whatever. Then, when I ignore them, they act all upset, like I owed them something.

That part I understand, mind you. People are stupid, people in groups get stupider exponentially. But why does it happen to us? Why don't people wearing running shoes get asked to sprint, or people carrying a basketball get asked to dunk, or dribble between their legs? Hell, even skateboarders and road bikers get off demand-free.

So yo, my fellow BMXers, next time you see someone with a laptop? Insist he or she show you their Tetris skills. Pass someone out shopping? Yell "buy something!" I just think we need to start fighting back.


shin said...

ha, word! in the hood it's usually do a wheelie! and you ever got challeneged to a wheelie contest by 8 year olds on the block? one.

Anonymous said...

yea dat shit happen to me when i goin to da park, next time i see a cop i gonna say "shoot someone" or i gonna see a teacher and say "grade some papers"