Sunday, November 12, 2006

Random photo post

As I continue to go through the hundreds (thousands?) of photos I've shot over the past couple months, I'll need to do the occasional photos-only post to keep things moving (and hopefully interesting). Eventually maybe I'll even be caught up.

Launchpad's Halloween costume. If you don't know who he's supposed to be, please kill yourself.

These guys rolled past Union Square more than once this summer/fall in their matching $200,000-plus cars (a Ferrari F430 droptop and a Lamborghini Gallardo—I think), zooming around other traffic and stopping to talk—about what, who knows? Probably supermodels and cocaine. Those Lambo exhaust pipes are, how you say, bitchin'.

BooJuw does pretty good hang fives—better than me, anyway. Another night at Union.

I shot this bird at the Oklahoma City zoo a couple years back when my sister used to live there. I'm not sure where the "ORLY?" phenomenon started, but I'm always glad to partake. SRSLY.

Tyrone Williams, full factory.

Joey didn't pull this particular icepick. I'd like to think it was because the ledge flat-out rejected him (gold and green polka-dot bike? cuffed girl jean shorts? tie as headband?), but he was probably just having a bad minute. I shot the whole sequence, but thought I'd leave well enough alone.


noclearcoat! said...

did erin get the job wearing that tie?

muffinman said...

joe is a lil baby emo faggot no homo

noclearcoat! said...

mr. muffinman and his fancy tailwhips....all emo.

Anonymous said...

Lamborghini Murcielago

Russ said...

So it is. Not sure why I thought it was a Gallardo—although there have been a bunch of those around NYC lately. The Murcielago is even more expensive, though, which is that much better.