Sunday, November 05, 2006


It's hard for me to really break down Blackman for you, since I don't really understand him myself. He's 17 years old, already was on a RIDE cover feebling a ridiculous ledge at MLK High, had a split section (with Nigel) in Livin' In Exile (and had some hot clips in All Day), was sponsored by Volume and Animal, and was living at the Snoff Shack. He also wears his pants lower than physics allows.

No more (well, except for the pants). Currently he's riding a scrapped-together Sunday (a prototype frame that has already been ridden by Mike Hoder, Vinnie Sammon and Big James), no one's really fuckin' with him as far as filming goes, and I guess he's living back at home. He even got his ass beat at the Tiseo Jam—although he stuck around long enough to the three the 10-stair rail and win $50-odd bucks in the process. But he's still young, and while you not like him as a person, you've gotta respect the way he rides.

Back wallride attempt.

Wallride to whip.

Air out of a wedge at the top of the bank.



Body slam.


Three over the rail.



Anonymous said...

fuck this nigga

Anonymous said...

nigga above me, FUCK YOU!

this nigga goes hard!

i know all about that street!

and you prolly aint one to talk!

shit we hold it down in the dirty 3rd like he holds down NYC!