Monday, November 20, 2006

Wormz on Defgrip.

The interview is up. And I've got a lot more shots here that I may as well post up (sent some to FBM as well—I believe in sharing the wealth). Wormz is gonna blow up big this year, I can feel it. About goddamn time, too.

Brooklyn Banks railhop. Up the bank, over the stairs and rail to flat. I thought the contrast with the autumn foliage looked neat.

Fakie barspin on the steepest part of the bank. Not only is the rollout sketchy, but there's no lip or anything. He threw a whole bunch of these, and even the misses looked good.

George D. rail, Brooklyn, NY. This spot's right over the Brooklyn Bridge, and has been sessioned by everyone from George Dossantos (duh) to Will Taubin. Wormz fired out this icepick first take. Look at his face—it's as easy as pedalling down the block.

Oh yeah, big ups to Rob-O for comin' through with a copy of Fitlife. It was worth the wait (damn, Van Homan).


mark d said...

That railhop is f'in sick!!

Anonymous said...

i would watch an all wormz vid all day

quis said...

hey, found your site through defgrip. it's so weird, when i was in nyc a few months back you were at the banks and we took exactly the same photo:

i love the approach you've got with this site; it feels really personal. keep on...

Anonymous said...

NER this is awesome!