Saturday, November 04, 2006

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

Hm. Well, here I am, just another lonely voice in the already overcrowded blogoverse. Blogiverse? Blogaxy? Blogosphere? Whatever. I don't know if I'll really promote this much (if at all) or whether I'll just delete the entire thing in the next couple of days. Who knows? But, for now, it's just going to serve as a repository for any randomness I can think of about BMX—mainly centered around NYC, since that's where I live and ride. As a professional writer (yes, that's my day job) and aspiring photographer (isn't everybody these days?) I figured I may as well start up a new spot rather than just posting on my MySpace page, or even on BMXboard (where I post as the nauseatingly prolific Not Eddie Roman). The content here will all be produced solely by me.

Anyway, enough babble. Here's a couple photos of New Jersey resident and Animal Bikes employee-of-every-month Mike Osso. Textbook 180 bar (even if he throws 'em the opposite way he's supposed to) at the Brooklyn Banks, and turndown street gap on Bond Street off Broadway, NYC. Shot with a Nikon D50, the first with a Lensbaby.

Oh, and here's a shot of "Big James" Dickens blasting out of the Brooklyn Banks. This shot was/is on the Fit site, but it's buried kind of deep by now. Keep in mind, those of you who've never made the pilgrimage to the Banks, there is no lip, no vert, nothing to throw you up. That's pure bunnyhop. (I've been meaning to bring a tape measure and some tape to mark off that lightpost in feet, Hoffman warehouse ramp style. One of these days.)


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