Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Big James from the Banks.

Just jumpin'. I never remember to point the damn camera high enough—sorry, bro. Note the clean Zoom Teams and two-tone bars.

Footjam nosepick.

Invert over me. (This is probably my favorite photo that I've managed to take so far—it looks like something straight out of BMX Action.)

Table over everything and everybody. (Although this photo might be even better. Sometimes, intentionally or not, everything just comes together. This was one of those times.)

Downside footplant.

Pillar fakie. He does these even higher now, which is just plain wrong.

360. A lot of people in NYC do sick threes, but James does them with more style than anyone. They're more like 180, pause, 180. So much snap.

All photos taken at varying times this summer/fall with the trusty D50. The nighttime ones I was just poaching someone else's flash/video light. The table shot (night) was about as lucky as it gets.

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