Thursday, November 16, 2006


Was sitting on the basketball court at the Banks today, frustrated to the point of bike-throwing over hang fives (today wasn't my day), when the SK3 rang. T.I.'s, "Ride Wit' Me." Meaning it was a fellow rider. Nigel Sylvester, to be exact. Calling from LAX, where he was waiting for a return flight to NYC. I didn't really ask what he was up to out there—but he's sure got a lot going on right now between MirraCo, Nike 6.0, and whatever other new sponsors he's down with. Hopefully this means—at the very least—he's gonna be getting more coverage. Here's a few shots to tide you over.

180 bar up the stairs on We The People, August.

Huge 180 bar flyout on MirraCo, October. Actually, this may have been a double bar attempt, or a bar-to-bar back. Whatever it was, it was HIGH.


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Anonymous said...

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