Sunday, November 12, 2006

Edwin De La Rosa

I've known Edwin for a long time now—since he was just another scrappy kid rolling around on a second-hand (probably more like fourth-hand) cracked STA. Thing is, Edwin was never "just another" anybody, really. He was always doing something worth watching. And when he got put on Fit (good move, Robbie), he just got better. Quickly. He let the haters hate and just produced banger after banger, progressing at a geometric rate (check the difference between his parts in Turbulence and the first Animal video—let alone Can I Eat?, All Day and Fitlife (still waiting, Robbie)).

After however many years of riding, Ed hasn't let anything grind him down. To me, at least, he's the same quiet dude I met way back when. He may be living in Philly now, but it's always good to see him back in NYC. He may not have started the whole four-peg, no-brake thing (Will Taubin, motherfuckers), but he's done much to preach the gospel of street riding to the masses worldwide. And with Fit, DC and Animal on his side, he should continue to do so for a long time.

*Disclaimer* I've ridden two Ed frames, both acquired courtesy of Nick Benson at Fit. While I'm not running one at the moment, I have nothing but love for those guys. You too, Robbie. Get back out here more often.

Straightforward street gap, Bond Street off Broadway, NYC. Warm-up stuff...

...for this. 360 street gap, stomped clean. Same spot 10 minutes later.

Something on the Banks pillar—360 wallride, maybe. Bob Bars, yep.

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